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Short video clip of the Center Ave fire on Sunday. Video was taken to the rear of the structure upon the first units arrival, you can see the initial handline stream starting to hit the exterior fire and the arrival of Tower 63-22 in the back alleyway. Video property of S.Matukewicz

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Timeline Photos

5/21/17 The SHFD was dispatched to 69 Center Avenue for a reported structure fire. Chief 63 arrived on scene and reported a working Fire. Engine 6312 arrived first and positioned past the structure on side A with the crews stretching the initial attack line up the side of the structure and also securing a water supply. Additional department personnel pulled a second line from 6312 and stretched to the third floor and also set up a supply to ladder 6325. Tower 6322 and Engine 6313 went to the rear of the structure with the engine securing a secondary water supply and laying in to the scene and the tower crew throwing ground ladders to side C and making the roof to vertically ventilate the structure. The joint effort by all the department personnel involved made quick work of the fire and limited the damage to the exposures. Photo by F.F. S.Matukewicz

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Photos from Schuylkill Hose Company #2's post

Tower 63-22 is on a transfer assignment to Berks Station 61 due to a accident with fire involving multiple tractor trailers on interstate 78E. The tower is currently working a secondary accident in the back log.

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Photos from Schuylkill Hose Company #2's post

5-6-17 At 0047hrs the SHFD dive team was alerted to respond to the area of the Dry Brooks boat launch at Blue Marsh Lake for a water rescue. Squad 6364 and Utility 6371 with boats in town responded and arrived to assist the initial Berks county units on scene who had report of an overturned watercraft with one occupant unaccounted for. Incident command requested the team deploy divers to search an area of interest marked by the first arriving units. After searching that initial area it was decided to switch to sonar operations utilizing the teams and western berks teams sonar to continue to search while more information was gathered about the incident. At this time Capt. 6399 requested additional divers from Keystone of Boyertown to assist. Divers continued to search several areas utilizing jack stay and pendulum patterns. As the incident continued on into the day Capt. 6399 requested command bring in additional resources to assist. Ryan township and Mahanoy City were requested for their dive teams as well as Whitehall for their sonar. After a long day of searching utilizing divers, sonar, and an ROV the victim was recovered and turned over to county officials. The SHFD send our condolences to the victims family and friends.

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5/1/17 - 10 Snyder Av - Pine Grove, PA - Dennis Wetherhold Jr

Some additional pictures of the Lehr’s Feed & Farm Supply Fire in Pine Grove Fire on 5/1/17 from Dennis Wetherhold Jr.

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Photos from Schuylkill Hose Company #2's post

5/1/17 – At 17:53hrs the Schuylkill Hose Company responded with multiple other county units to a second alarm commercial building fire in the borough of Pine Grove. Initially, Tower 63-22 was dispatched to the scene while Engine 63-12 and Rescue Engine 63-13 were requested to move up to Pine Grove HH&L. While en-route, command requested additional manpower and an additional water supply, which then brought both apparatus to the scene. When the Tower arrived on scene they maneuvered around multiple hose lines and over some sidewalks to get in a good location to be able to set up and flow its master stream. Engine 63-12 then arrived on scene and sent its manpower to assist 58-10 with fire suppression while Rescue Engine 63-13 arrived and reverse laid 900ft of 5″ supply line from the scene to a hydrant in the area of HH&L’s station. Crews remained on scene assisting with overhaul into the next morning. We would also thank Englewood Engine 369 and Saint Clair Tower 701 for providing the standby assignment in our station during the call. (Photos by Dennis Wetherhold Jr. , Mark Krammes, and Dan Wetzel)

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Photos from Schuylkill Hose Company #2's post

4/28/17 The dive team was contacted by the Park Rangers at Blue Marsh to assist with the removal of a vehicle that had ended up drifting into the lake at the state hill boat launch. A crew assembled along with a crew from Keystone of Boyertown (berks county) and set up to perform the recovery. The team deployed a diver to attach straps from the rear axles to a shackle and snatch block of the tow truck. A safety diver and swimmer stood by while work was performed and the vehicle was successfully removed in quick order.

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Photos from Schuylkill Hose Company #2's post

Some of the members working on engine and truck company operations the past couple of days

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63rd Annual Schuylkill County Volunteer Fireman's Convention

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