Dive Team Info

Upon feeling the need to become more prepared and qualified to handle water related emergencies the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department formed a water rescue unit. Now based out of its current location alongside of the Schuylkill Hose Company the team is outfitted and trained to respond to incidents including underwater searches and recoveries, swift water and ice rescues, as well as boat operations.

Squad 734 is the teams first due water rescue unit and is setup with various water rescue tools including the following:

(8) – Pre Rigged Scuba Sets
(4) – Full Face Pieces with Underwater comm.
(14) – Dry Suits
(8) – Wet Suits
(5) – Cold Water Immersion Suits
(30) – PFD’s
(15) – Water Rescue Helmets
(10) – Throw Bags
150’/200’/250′ Rescue Rope Bags
Short Haul System
Side Scan Sonar
Underwater Drop Camera
Underwater Digital Camera
Floating Hose Regulator and setup
Surface to Underwater Comm.
A.E.D. & Med Bag
Stihl Chain Saw
2000 Watt Honda Generator
500lb & 1000lb Lift Bags
Floating Stokes Basket
Various Scuba Equipment
Various Hand Tools

Squad 734 is also outfitted to tow the teams three boats.

newsquad734c-01-large newsquad734c-02-large


SCUBA 2 and SCUBA 4 are (2) Mercury inflatable boats used primarily for rescue and recovery operations
Sonar 6 is a flat bottom aluminum boat that is outfitted to operate the Side-Scan Sonar Unit


2014 Dive Training Schedule Link


2014 Dive Team Members & Status
Below is a list of the current Dive Team members and their status on the team. The diver’s status is determined by the Dive Captain and is based on the amount of time since the persons last open water dive.

Craig Barket Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Rich Boyer Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Tanner Noecker Operations Schuylkill Sta. 2
Jennifer Gilfillan Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Chad Hasenauer Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Carter Hoffman (Instructor) Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Rick Kremer Operations Liberty Sta. 4
Barry Long Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Colleen Margavage Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Mike Margavage (Instructor) Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Scott Matukewicz Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Stan Matukewicz Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Wayne Merkel Operations Schuylkill Sta. 2
Jonathan Morgalis Operations Schuylkill Sta. 2
Lester Morgan Operations Schuylkill Sta. 2
Kyle Morgan (Dive Captain) Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Chris Reed Operations Schuylkill Sta. 2
Trevor Pavalko Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Dave Searls (Instructor) Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Dave Teter Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Scott Stump Operations Schuylkill Sta. 2
Jeff Tasto Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Mitch Tracey Operations Schuylkill Sta. 2
Jeff Maley Operations Schuylkill Sta. 2
Steve Zweizig Diver Rainbow Sta. 1
Matt Goehring Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2
Bryce Lewis Diver Schuylkill Sta. 2