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Fire & Film

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Photos from Schuylkill Hose Company #2's post

09/21/17 – At 03:58hrs the SHFD was dispatched to the area of 13 E Liberty Street for a structure fire. PD and Chief 63 were first on location and confirmed a working structure fire in a 2-1/2 story duplex, with heavy fire on the bravo side and asked for his second alarm assignment as well as RIT from the City of Pottsville. Tower 63-22 and Engine 63-12 were the first apparatus on scene and immediately went to work. The engine placed their 150’ 1-3/4” bumper line in service to the bravo side to knock down the exterior fire as well as to protect the exposure. Next off the engine was a 200’ 1-3/4”cross-lay that then made an interior push through the front door and up to the attic. Meanwhile, the tower was put in service and cut (3) holes in the roof of the fire building and popped open a vent in the exposure building while ground ladders were being thrown on the alpha and delta side. Engine 63-17 laid supply line and supplied Engine 63-12 while Squad 63-69 laid in from an additional hydrant on the opposite side of the fire. Crews from Tower 63-25, Rescue 63-57 and 2nd alarm companies setup more ground ladders on the bravo and delta sides, placed additional lines in service and performed overhaul. Photos by Schuylkill County SmokeEaters, Fire & Film and Drew Price.

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Schuylkill County SmokeEaters

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Award Recipients | Schuylkill Hose Co. #2

The award list has been posted on our website at . The officers and members of the Schuylkill Hose Company #2 would once again like to thank everyone who came out to support our convention and helped to make it a success.

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Hope everyone had a great time at the convention! Share your favorite picture from yesterday’s events in the comments below.

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Photos from Schuylkill Hose Company #2's post

Convention prep is in full swing!

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Fire & Film

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2017 Mini Golf Tournament

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We only have a few days left until we start off the 63rd Annual Schuylkill County Volunteer Fireman’s Association Convention Week on Sunday, September 10th. If you would like to have you home or business decorated with rental flags, please call Les Aungst Signs at 570-593-8412 or 570-640-8748. We thank you for your continued support!

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Photos from Schuylkill Hose Company #2's post

9/2/17 – At 23:31hrs station 2 was dispatched for Engine 63-12 (RIT) and Tower 63-22 to respond to the 500 block of South 4th Street in Hamburg (Berks County) for a multi alarm working structure fire with entrapment. Once on scene, the crew from the tower was advised to report to the structure and assist with VES operations and the crew from the engine to assemble along with station 1 & 4 members to complete the SHFD RIT assignment. The tower crews split with one going interior and the other laddering side delta and going to the roof to assist the other aerial companies with vertical ventilation. Further into the incident, the tower was repositioned to the bravo side and was placed in service to cut an additional vent hole on that side. Additionally personnel were also rotated through the manpower pool to assist with extinguishment and overhaul until being released by command. Unfortunately this tragic fire took the lives of several individuals, at this time the members and officers would like to send their condolences to the family and friends in their time of need. **Photos provided courtesy of Emergency Services Photography

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2110hrs Stations 1 & 2 were dispatched to E Main St and Dock St for a MVA. Crews arrived and found no injuries or fluids down. Chief 6303 had command and units were on scene for 10 minutes. Engine 6313 responded with (6)