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Summit Station Fire Company

Summit Station Fire companies junior fire camp today

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7/15/17 – At 1958hrs Station 2 was requested for the dive team by FD 21 to respond for a water rescue in Pine Grove township. Squad 63-64, Utility 63-71 and boats went responding with the report of 4 people stranded on or along the swatara creek, in a heavily wooded area, as a result of a rafting trip in which the river was moving faster then expected due to the recent rains. The team arrived to the starting point on Geary Wolfe road and deployed 2 inflatable boats and 6 rescue personnel to maneuver with the swift current downstream, through large areas of natural debris, searching for the individuals. The boats eventually made contact and loaded up the 4 individuals to extricate them further downstream in the area of Swopes Valley road, to awaiting EMS personnel to be evaluated for any possible injuries.

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Photos from Schuylkill Hose Company #2's post

7/7/17 – At 08:37hrs stations 1 & 2 were dispatched to the area of 360 Route 61 South for a MVA with a car into a building. When chief 63-01 arrived on scene he advised that it wasn’t a car, but a set of tandem wheels from a tractor trailer. Members from stations 1 & 2 assisted EMS with the injured patients and helped out with cleaning out the area so the contractor can shore up the damaged area.

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Schuylkill Haven Recreation Department

Don’t forget to stop out this Friday!!

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It was a busy morning for the Schuylkill Hose as their were multiple trainings going on. Dive team members were out training with our side scan sonar while engine 63-12 assisted the Humane Fire Company of Pottsville with qualifying a new driver on E-32.

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Photos from Schuylkill Hose Company #2's post

7/1/17 – At 17:03hrs stations 1 & 2 were dispatched to the area of 490 Route 61 South for a MVA with injuries. Most units were already on the road getting ready for Liberty’s parade so apparatus arrived quickly on the scene. When 63-03 arrived, he advised of a (3) vehicle MVA with just EMS just needed for patient evaluations. All units were cleared with the exception of Tower 63-22 and Rescue Engine 63-13, until the vehicles were cleared from the road.

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a.farr photography.

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Liberty Fire Company #4

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Timeline Photos

This year the Schuylkill Hose Company #2 will be hosting the 63rd Annual Schuylkill County Firemen’s Association Convention on September 16th. Please visit our website to Register Online and to view all the latest information. The officers and members of the Schuylkill Hose Company #2, along with all of Schuylkill Haven are looking forward to welcoming everyone to the convention. We thank you for your continued support!!

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Short video clip of the Center Ave fire on Sunday. Video was taken to the rear of the structure upon the first units arrival, you can see the initial handline stream starting to hit the exterior fire and the arrival of Tower 63-22 in the back alleyway. Video property of S.Matukewicz

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2110hrs Stations 1 & 2 were dispatched to E Main St and Dock St for a MVA. Crews arrived and found no injuries or fluids down. Chief 6303 had command and units were on scene for 10 minutes. Engine 6313 responded with (6)