Working Fires

0015hrs The Shenandoah fire department was dispatched  200 block of East Lloyd street for a working fire in a large vacant apartment building. While Shenandoah and surrounding companies were operating at the scene of that fire command was notified of a second call to their district for a working fire in another large vacant structure in the 100 block of North Ferguson Street.  This  additional fire brought in units from the next due alarm cards which included Schuylkill Hoses engine 732.  The engine responded to the scene and crews where instructed to provide manpower and supplement the R.I.T. crews while command established assignments for all additional incoming units.  While operating on scene of the second fire Shenandoah command was notified of a third working fire in the borough in the 400 block of East Centre Street.  Engine 732 was then released to respond to the third fire, crews arrived to find heavy fire involving multiple homes in an attached row.  Crews split and started forcible entry to the buildings and stretching the initial attack lines to the interior of the buildings as well as laddering parts of the building and performing ventilation.  Multiple mutual aid companies from all over the county assisted in the extinguishing the multiple blazes.  After cleaning up equipment and getting the engine back in service 732 was released from the scene of the third fire and returned to the scene of the second fire to pick up some equipment. Shortly after arriving Shenandoah command requested 732 to respond to the other end of town to assist one of their chiefs  with a smoke condition.  Crews arrived and set out on foot to investigate where the smoke was coming from.  Personnel found smoke coming out of the second floor of a row of homes, crews forced entry and immediately informed county of a fourth fire in the 400 block of south Ferguson street. Engine 732 then pulled around the corner and crews pulled lines into the fire building as well as the exposures and held the fire to the first floor of the building of origin.  After again returning the engine back in service 732 was cleared from Shenandoah. Engine 732 responded with (7)    **PHOTOS BY TAMAQUA AREA**

100 block of North Ferguson Street


400 block of East Centre Street


400 block of south Ferguson street

fire 4fire-4-of-4-400-block-of-south-ferguson-street-shenandoah-from-ann-marie-kovalewski

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